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Have you ever thought what precisely an 192 168 IP address mean or what are or 192.168 o 1 login and how are they used to Login to the router for accessing the Internet?

To satiate your curious mind, keep on reading this post till the end, you would most likely have a clear idea in your mind regarding IP Address, and getting the admin router login dashboard and numerous other aspects.

What is an IP Address: Every device linked to the internet has IP address. An IP address is a unique address that is assigned to every computing device present in the world. It is used to provide identification of a particular device and is the same as a street address or a phone number which given to the individual. There are both Internal IP and external IP address.

Public vs Private IP address

Every device provided with an IP address is known as Public IP address. The Internet Service Provider specially provides it. The central aspect of Public IP address is that it is unique, that is, every device would have its own IP address. Whereas, Private IP address is allowed on Private networks, such as your router. As a router covers a specific area known as private area, people outside that area or network won’t be able to access that address directly. That is why routers don’t require Unique IP addresses. admin router login 192 168 o 1

This brings us to and 192.168.l.l. These are many famous Private IP addresses which are used by a large number of routers.

Difference between and

There isn’t any significant difference between 192.168.o.1 and 192.168.l.l. Most routers have their IP addresses between these two addresses. Different companies use different default router IP addresses. These are also known as the default gateway and help in accessing the internet.

192.168.o.1 Login

It is utilized by companies such as Netgear and D-Link, however only these companies are not entitled to use it exclusively, and other could also use them. This 192 168 IP address is used for a variety of purposes, and these are majorly used to access the router’s interface called the Admin panel.


Companies such as Linksys usually use it. Just as, this IP address is also not exclusive to Linksys and could be used by several other companies as well. It serves the same purpose as 192.168.o.1 and helps in setting up an Internet connection, bringing changes in configuration/setting, etc.

How to Access Router Login Admin Panel?

There are several features which can be used by accessing Routerlogin Admin panel, the most common usage of the same could be setting or changing SSID, Changing the Password or setting one if you already don’t have a password, changing other security settings and so on.

Here, we are going to describe the whole process of accessing the admin panel and reaching the setup page from scratch-

  • The first step is to turn the router on.
  • If you are an End-User, you would have to connect the Ethernet cable to the modem. Why is this so? It is because as you are an end user, the router won’t permit you to change the configuration. So it’s better to get connected to the router and not be ‘Wireless.’
  • Now turn on your Computer and click open any web browser which you deem suitable. Open up the search bar and type ‘’ or ‘192.168.o.1’, whichever your router’s IP address/Gateway is. Press enter, and you’d be taken to the ‘Login Gateway.’
  • Now, you would need to log in, if this is the first time you that you are going to set up the configuration, then you would have to enter admin for the Username option and password for the password option. Now click on Ok button to get access to admin panel. However if it doesn’t work, then a quick search on the internet would tell you about the default router username and password.
  • After accessing the router login admin panel, you could change settings such as Wireless settings, password settings, Encryption type and so on. After going through all necessary option, click on Apply button to save the setting you altered.

Troubleshooting Steps

There could be several aspects which bring forth complexities. Here we are going to suggest you how to counter those problems which people generally face while setting up the router:

  • As already mentioned, there are some routers which don’t use the typical admin Username and password as Password for their configuration. In situations like this, it is sensible to look upon Google for an answer. It might be possible that your router’s company doesn’t provide such information on the internet. Generally, in this case, the information might be printed on the backside of the router, or in the manual book that comes along the package.
  • If you forgot the router password that you had set previously, or somehow the setting you set previously aren’t relevant to you now, then you could reset all of them to default, including the password. We would elaborate the process of resetting the setting further in this post.

Resetting the Router

Resetting a router would lead to all the information previously written by the user getting lost. This process is quite easy and can be finished within a minute or two. Follow the below-mentioned process to reset the router-

  • The reset button is in the back of the router. The button could be at the front of the router too. After finding the button, press it and hold for approximately 10 to 20 seconds. You could use a pointed thing such as a Pen to press the button on the routers. These precautions are provided on the routers to avoid resetting the router by mistake.
  • Now release the button. After some time, the router turns ON automatically as it would undergo a quick reboot.
  • Now, the next is to Login to the router by entering its IP address like 192 168 0 1 or 192 168.01 and entering the login details.
  • If the configurations are the same as they were before and had not undergone changes, then repeat the same process.
  • This time the Router setting would be reset. If not, then contact the customer service for seeking assistance.

Couldn’t You Access or via the Browser?

If you aren’t able to access login IP address or through your browser even after being connected to the router or you are unable to use the internet even after inputting the details, then there might be some problem which needs to be solved.

  • Check whether you are in a close range of the router as if your device isn’t getting proper network coverage from the router, an Error shows while you try to Login from the browser.
  • Check whether you Gateway is indeed 192.168.o.1/, as it might be possible that your gateway is different. To know your Gateway, follow the below-mentioned points-

For Windows User, go to Start >> Now search for CMD or Command prompt >> Enter >> Now write “ipconfig.” The search result would bring the Default gateway option, note that down as it’s your default gateway.

If you are a Mac user, then go to Application >> Utilities >> Terminal. Type “ipconfig” and note down the default gateway

  • Disable the firewall as it might be possible that the firewall might be causing issues leading to the problem. You could disable the firewall by following the below-mentioned process-
  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Select the System and Security option among the options presented.
  3. Click on Windows Firewall, note that the program might be named as Windows Defender Firewall.
  4. Find the option Turn off Windows Defender Firewall and click on it.
  5. Click OK and save the changes.

Tips on Enhancing the Router Security Settings

Having a or 192.168.O.1 address does the job of providing security to the network. However, this level of security might not be adequate for you as you may desire more level of security. Here we are going to suggest some measure which you could employ to ensure a higher degree of security.

  • The first suggestion would be to change the password which comes by default. Anyone knowing that you have bought a new router might try Logging in by using the default password, so it’s better to change the password to ensure a higher level of security.
  • Choose a password which is complex and is a medley of different words, characters, and number. Refrain from choosing password such as 12345678 or ABCDEFGH, etc.
  • To prevent network intrusion, make sure that the firewall is enabled. This firewall would be helpful as your computer would be safe from external attacks.
  • Disabling the SSID broadcast would be a good option to lower down security risks as it would hide your SSID. You could disable broadcast by signing into the router as administrator and selecting the option of Disabling the SSID settings.
  • Once you disable the SSID broadcast when someone turns on the Wi-Fi, they won’t be able to view your device by traditional methods. To connect a device with hidden SSID, one would have to go to Wi-Fi >> Other, and then put up the settings there.

Changing Routers IP Address

A router’s IP address is set up by the manufacturers when they built it. There might be some situations when you would want to change the IP address. For example, there is another router in your locality with the same 192 168 o 1 IP address leading to Address conflicts. In this case, you could change the IP address by going to Administrator Console of the router. Just enter the current IP address or Gateway of your router in the browser search bar and press enter.

Now you could find, Change IP address option in the setting. Just select your preferred IP, and you are good to go. So this is all from our side. We hope you find this article helpful in fixing the issue if the or 192.168.o.1 is not working while accessing.

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